All White Everything

All White Everything:

Hi there! The Texas heat has finally said good bye and my favorite season is so close that everyday when I wake up I instantly think, “is it cold yet?” and put my UGG slippers on just in case.

Simply White:

To me the color of the year 2016 will be white. Throughout this week I have mentioned ways on how to design the perfect kitchen. I discussed how lighter colors will make not only your kitchen appear bigger but also more clean. I put this photo together to show you different options of lighter colors.

This photo shows you a lighter granite paired with a 3×6 white subway tile for your backsplash. This flooring is actually a ceramic tile that is a wood-look-tile. Match that tile with white cabinets and your on your way for your kitchen to be shot in a Vogue Home Decor Magazine.

Stainless Steel:

Some people try to steer away from stainless steel appliances. I say love them. Oddly the name “stainless” is misleading as people say they constantly have marks on them. However, I have stainless steel appliances and once you wipe them they are clean and look perfect. Stainless steel is a popular choice item and looks great with all color schemes. And on the plus side they make stainless steel sinks and faucets affordable. Perfect, clean, and affordable? Sign me up please.


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.06.10 AM

How To Design The Perfect Kitchen Part II

How To Design The Perfect Kitchen Part II:

Hi there you! Yesterday, we discussed the beginning steps of designing your kitchen and figuring out the functionality of your kitchen area. Now we need to discuss how to cover your kitchen with your personality.

Pop Of Color:

Whether your pop of color comes from your wall paint, your countertop accessories, or painting your cabinets, you need some sort of eye-catching scheme. Those who know me, know I am a very OCD person [I think it runs in the family, minus my mom and Julie], so to start, do not choose dark colors. Darker colors disguise dust when the light shines. So you will end up going through Windex weekly by trying to keep everything clean.

Great colors to choose: white, greys, golds, and light blues. Once you have chosen a great pop of color, stick to it. Choosing an array of colors just gives a overwhelming vibe and makes everything feel cluttered.

Where To Place The Color:

When you are an OCD, type A person, you will grow to love storage. So my pop of color will end up on my favorite necessity, the cabinets. Most people do not consider a pop of color to be white. However, anything that stands out will make all the difference. Right now people are loving the island cabinetry to be stained a light brown and the outer cabinetry be painted either white or a light grey. These two photos are my favorite. The first one of the white cabinets is a Steve Hawkins home, while the light grey photo is from Pinterest. Once you have picked a cabinet color like white or grey then throw those colors elsewhere to make your kitchen flow.


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.49.45 AM

How To Design The Perfect Kitchen

How To Design The Perfect Kitchen Part 1:

Hello ladies and gents! And welcome to the new and improved Steve Hawkins Homes website. My favorite thing about this company is we are all family. This blog will now make you feel like you are also apart of this family.

Whether this is your first home to build, or you are just visiting the site to decide if you want a Steve Hawkins home, just know that the home building process can be a mix of emotions. You can be super excited one day and then be overwhelmed the next [I feel this way on a daily basis over when I can do laundry/clean/take Milo on a walk], but this company has been in business through the ups and downs and these “old hands” will help you through every stage.

So grab your cup of coffee and lets start the real estate talk! My favorite thing about meeting with customers is everyone is unique and has their own taste. So first, how are you going to tailor your tastes, needs, and way of life into your new home? If you are married and thinking, “my husband has awful taste” thats okay we can make your home be feminine yet masculine making both your tastes beautiful.

Cook, entertainer, or just for show:

Right now my sister and brother-in-law are designing their first home and the biggest area of frustration is their kitchen. So todays post is going to be about designing the perfect kitchen. First, ask yourself are you needing this kitchen to actually cook, entertain, or just have for show? If you are a cook, think about appliances. Such as- big refrigerator, big sink, big island, a big cooktop, a big pantry. Entertainment- think about a bar area, an island that you can place bar stools. A kitchen aimed just for show [this category is me]- know you are going to spend a majority of your money on your granite and paint grade cabinetry.

Lighting and lighter options:

Keep in mind the kitchen is the most used room by you and guests. So to make the kitchen feel bigger, choose a light color scheme. Also, place the kitchen in an area where you can have lots of windows and natural light come in. Great lighting also makes it easier for people like me who cannot cook, to read those recipes in tiny font.

Here at Steve Hawkins, you get a lighting store allowance. When choosing light fixtures, choose some that can hang over your island. Lastly, when picking your selections like granite, backsplash, and flooring, choose options that are easy to clean. This is again the most used room by you and guests. There will be a lot of cleaning going on in this area. With heavy flow of traffic, I would also recommend placing a powder bath/half bath close by for you and your guests!