Inside A Kitchen Of A New Trend Alert


I am swooning over this new trend. For years people have been choosing grout colors to match the tile perfectly. Now people are being bold and here you can see a dark grout matched with a white subway tile. Not only is this making your backsplash have a dramatic look but the brown grout is tying in the brown from the hardware on the kitchen cabinets.


People always say their are certain brides who are “Bridezilla” meaning they are absolutely crazy and hard to please. I will say I will not be a Bridezilla, however, I will be “Homezilla” aka I will be crazy and will never make a decision when it comes to custom building my home. I will want to see all my options [Pinterest and Houzz has ruined us], I will want different pricing on everything, and then finally I will make my final decision after complaining that they are over charging me and are taking to long.

One thing I will be good at is when I hear the words “this option is easier to clean and stays clean for the long run” my eyes will light up and I will say “I do”. The darker the grout the better. Lighter grouts show dirt more quickly. Especially in high traffic areas if you have a light grout you will end up seeing different shades of grout everywhere [which will drive a person like me nuts]. Dark grout is also less likely to change in color over the long run.


When you are wanting to create a look that portrays full of bright light and sleekness you are most likely going to pick a white tile or a tile that is light colored. Something I learned recently is that if you are wanting white to look even whiter, put something dark next to it. Choosing a grout color that is dark laid next to a white subway tile will make that white seem even whiter, never creating a washed out look.

Overall, some people think tile is the biggest concern when maybe after all it is the grout to consider. Choosing a dark grout laid next to a light tile will make the tile appear more bold, helps conceal dirt, will make your whites whiter, and will even make the shape of your tile pop.


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