Stylish Spaces

Stylish Spaces

Now that we can say goodbye to summer we can start prepping for Holiday season. To prep for holiday season you will most likely be hosting/attending lots of parties and what is better than the company of friends & family? I can’t think of anything better! If you are preparing to host a party and have a cleaning addiction like me I have the perfect quick cleaning tips. Twenty minute quick cleaning: wipe down all counter tops, take trash out, put dishes from sink to dishwasher. Forty minutes: do everything in the twenty minute routine but add dust cleaning, vacuum, and Swiffer. Hour: do everything from the forty minute routine but also make sure all beds are made, take dishes out of dishwasher and put everything up, finish your laundry, and most importantly light those candles!

Stress Free Is The Way To Be

One of the most important things about being a host is making sure your quests are stress free. For me I become frantic over my parking situation. I live in an apartment with limited spaces for visitors. Guests do not like to have difficulty with parking, which is why nice places offer valet.  Obviously, you and I will not hire someone to do valet just for a home party so a way to minimize this problem is to design your driveway to be easy to enter and easy to exit.

Wrap Around

If you are someone who likes to host parties, or you are like my parents and their house is the house we do birthdays, holidays, or just casually meet at, then design your driveway ahead of time to be able to fit multiple cars. A perfect driveway for this is wrap around driveway. My parents actually have this type and it is great to just pile in all those cars so they do not have to park on the street or park far away.


Port Cochere

Another option is the Porte Cochere. This look had me at hello. Porte Cochere’s are not just great to add more covered parking spaces but it also enhances your curb appeal. The covered parking is great for when it is raining outside or even just to hot (Texas heat is unnecessary) and you need that extra shade before you start sweating. Here are a few Steve Hawkins Custom Homes photos of Porte Cochere’s. Enjoy!




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