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Just like paint, tile is capable of transforming a bathroom to be colorful, chic, and all the way up to a dream spa. To make your shower feel all of these, choose a marble look. Right now marble is the new black. Even at Target you can buy marble candles, marble lamps, marble dish wear, anything you can think of, you can purchase in marble. If you know me, you know I love chips, and I am just waiting for Doritos to come out with a marble Doritos bag just to make Doritos seem more chic. Marble looks so perfect that I recently bought a cutting board that looks like marble and I never use it. However, it does make my kitchen countertops look prettier. The photo above shows a SHCH marble look shower. You see the white tile with the grey streaks running through the tile, giving you that marble feel. The best part of this shower is the matching tile flooring but the tile is cut into 2×1 versus the walls which are 12×12 tiles.


The other photo below shows you just a simple all white shower. You see the 3×6 subway tile laid on the walls. You can see just from photos how white makes your shower seem sleek/clean. Some people are afraid to make their shower floors white just incase the dirt shows more easily. (When I hear this from customers I think, “how dirty are you?” but then again this will be me later in life as I am OCD). If this is the case for you as well than the first photo will be a better choice as their are streaks of grey running through the white floors, which will be able to hide dirt better than just an all white tile. If you still don’t like that option you are in luck because white goes with everything. You can do the 3×6 white subway tiles on the walls and choose any floor coloring tile you please and it will work.


In a previous post I  discussed stainless steal appliances and why I think they are the best for a kitchen. Stainless steal is also great for bathrooms. The photo below proves just that. You can see how stainless steal fixtures give you that dreamy spa feel. The other great thing about this is they make stainless steal fixtures expensive affordable.


I have now reached what they call “writers block” and I am reiterating how important sunlight is from a previous post I did two weeks ago. Nothing makes a room more beautiful than to see all natural sunlight come into a room. But most likely you designed your bathrooms to be where strangers cannot see in, leaving your bathrooms with minimal windows. To catch as much available natural light as you can use mirrors or chandeliers to help catch that natural light.

white shower2

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