Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step

Recently my eyes have been drawn to the Herringbone pattern. It looks best when laid in large areas. Such as your entry way, family room, kitchen, nook area. If this distinguished design is laid in a small area, it makes your already small area even smaller. This is comparable to me when I put on a Maxi dress. Yes, I love and adore Maxi dresses. However, when I put one on my short body I instantly feel like I shrunk down two feet. This is not a way a girl should feel, that’s why I rock the heals.

If you are thinking your main areas should have a calm feel to it versus this eye drawn pattern you can take baby steps and put the Herringbone as your backsplash, your shower walls,  or even head over to your local Target and purchase a rug with the Herringbone pattern. Another idea to keep a calming environment is to have your backsplash laid straight and then have a section above your cooktop laid in the Herringbone patter. The Herringbone pattern has been around for centuries. I noticed this flooring when I visited France while touring old cathedrals from way back when. Herringbone is a visual interest adding movement to your home and it is a great look as it adds a touch of luxury.  



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