When In Doubt, Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean

When In Doubt, Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean

Laundry rooms are one of the last rooms people think about when custom building. Most people are excited to design their kitchen, master bathroom, how big to make the family room, where to put the fireplace, etc.

I don’t know if it’s because I live in the smallest apartment ever with no laundry room, but I cannot wait until the day I can walk into a room with a washer and dryer and have counter top space so I can fold my clothes or have a bar to hang my wet clothes on. What a dream!


Most people, not me, but most people when they think laundry they sigh and find something else to do, which makes a bigger pile of laundry. Growing up my dad did laundry every morning and sometimes mornings and nighttimes. So I formed these habits as well. Laundry is a chore I love and a chore that helps me unwind, which my dad always says. Growing up I thought my dad was crazy for always doing laundry but I totally get it now and am literally a mini Steve Hawkins.


Ways to make your laundry room not feel like a chore. If you can, place windows in this room to bring fresh light in. No one hates a room with natural sunlight.  One item I am most excited to have is a bar to hang your clothes on, whether it is to let them dry, or just once they are done drying I can hang the ones that hang in my closet versus folded in my drawers. Have custom built cabinets placed in this room so you can hide your cleaning supplies. In a perfect world, this room will also be Milo’s room for storage. Dogs have lots of necessities such as dog food, dog toys, dog bones, dog shampoo, leashes, etc. So the laundry room can be used for different supplies, not just cleaning your clothes. I have even seen today people placing dog showers in their laundry room so they can clean their pets. For me though, Milo Hawkins loves his shower time and makes it a game so my laundry room would become a pool if I started cleaning him inside versus outside with a water hose. And my OCD self could not handle the mess that would occur inside. Lastly, place a sink inside the laundry room to help treat stains, clean dirty shoes, fill your dog’s water bowl up, or if you like to hand wash certain clothes.





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