Hello friends! Happy Wednesday. Right now you probably just read the title “Windows” and instantly are thinking, how boring. However, windows have more influence and more power than you think.


Steve is very into his windows. If you have ever been to my parents house it is very special because of all the windows. Right when you walk into their home you see a beautiful view of Fort Worth and want to invite everyone over with how spacious it feels due to all the windows.

Growing up, being the youngest, I always would push my boundaries with my parents to see how far I could go until they would get mad and punish me. And since Steve loves his windows guess what my punishment would be. You are correct. To clean windows. It doesn’t sound so bad but when your parents house is literally only windows, it will make you think twice before coming home past your curfew again. Steve also gets phone calls from his friends asking him for advice on how to teach there kids to be responsible and work hard. Steve’s response, “well boy, send them over to my house and they can clean my windows”. Again, windows are more influential and more powerful than you think.


When first designing your home put the focus around the space you have available and make the most of it. For starters, where is the best view? Where is the best lighting? Once you have those answers, make that your living/main area. You don’t want to waste a view and lighting on your utility room or your garage.

Once you have the foundation of your home planned out, start thinking on where to place your beautiful windows. If you are having a media room, you obviously don’t need many or in fact any windows at all so that room can be dark and have that “movie theatre” feel to it. Your kitchen, living room, master bedroom, dinning room, and all your other great areas need to have windows! For every room different windows are required.


Each room requires a different feel. Master bedroom needs long decorative curtains to block out lighting. Curtains create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. But lets not forget the most important question. Whats your style? Modern? Contemporary? Mediterranean? Traditional? All these styles can be achieved with curtains.

Soft blinds for other bedrooms. Most people associate soft blinds with secondary bedrooms because they are easy to clean, take up less space than curtains, and they are more affordable. Another blind option that is great is for your back patio doors you can place blinds inside the windows so when you open and close the door you don’t have blinds swinging around.

Interior shutters for the hallway windows, bathrooms, and nook areas. To me, shutters give a modern vibe. They also keep everything crisp and clean. Shutters are usually made of wood, which helps block out the sun. Exterior shutters can also decorate the outside of your home. They are just for looks. You can paint them or stain them the same color as your garage door/exterior trim to help keep everything consistent. Below is a photo of a Steve Hawkins home that shows you exterior shutters.

Lastly, the main areas like your kitchen and living room require nothing. I would just spice those windows up by choosing windows that have thick wood trims around them and paint them white. Like the photo above. This will make your home feel more spacious. Here at Steve Hawkins we use Brothers Supply in Fort Worth for our windows. Mark is the owner and has a great show room for you to see all the available choices. Whatever window treatment you choose just make sure to keep your choices simple.



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