Winter Whites



Hello to you all! Hope 2017 is treating you the way you deserve. This year has been too good for words. One of the goals I have made is to journal as much as I can and to be honest it has been life changing. I actually started journaling a lot starting this past October and it has been so therapeutic to go back and read what I found to be great, or what caused worry in my life, or to just read whatever was on my mind that day. My thoughts are pretty sporadic and A.D.D. Even just me writing that sentence I stopped to check my phone, email, and drink some coffee.


When you picture all white bathrooms or all white kitchens you are trying to accomplish this purity atmosphere. A timeless since of inspiration with a touch of simplicity. To add color so you are not overwhelmed with all white you can paint your walls grey, or even a fun color like a light baby blue. You can even accessorize with colors such as your floor rugs, add a colorful chair. To me wall art can make or break a room but is a great way to add color. No matter what all white is a look that will never go bad. Your bathroom deserves to look this good.


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